Bunbury 9791 7520 | Busselton 9754 4746 bunbury@batteryalltypes.com.au


The Battery All Types team supplies batteries and accessories for vehicles, earth moving equipment, agriculture equipment, marine industry, video cameras, cameras, mobile phones, cordless phones, computers, UPS, power tools, golf buggies, deep cycle, solar systems, house alarm systems, rechargeable, specialty cells, household, toys and general applications, just about batteries for everything. We have the largest range of batteries South of Perth within our two stores located in Bunbury and Busselton.

We can also help with 12-volt accessories, solar systems, LED lights and fittings, invertors/convertors, regulators, jump packs, battery chargers, compressors, generators, battery testers, battery leads, lithium jump packs and more!

Bunbury Store

Unit 1, 46 Strickland Street

Phone 08 9791 7520

Busselton Store

Unit 1, 3 Albert Street

Phone 08 9754 4746