12/24VDC LED Strobe light with magnetic/permanent base Amber Flashing

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Enhance Safety and Visibility with this Multi-Pattern Strobe Light

Whether you need to ensure safety on a worksite or make your vehicle stand out at an event, this multi-pattern strobe light offers unmatched versatility and easy installation. Equipped with two powerful magnets, it securely attaches to your vehicle's roof, providing a reliable and sturdy connection. Say goodbye to complicated wiring—simply plug the curly-cable into the cigarette lighter for effortless power connection.

Designed for durability, this strobe light is housed in a protective plastic case, ensuring long-lasting performance. It boasts 24 high-power amber LEDs arranged precisely in six banks of four LEDs each, delivering a powerful and attention-grabbing light display. With ten different display patterns to choose from, including clockwise and anticlockwise rotation, side-to-side movement, fade in and out, and more, you can customize the light to suit your specific situation.

To safeguard your vehicle's paintwork, the unit features rubber feet that also discreetly hide the strong magnets. However, if you prefer a permanent installation, the rubber feet can be easily unscrewed, allowing for a clean and flush mount.

The cigarette lighter plug comes with an on/off switch featuring an LED power indicator, providing convenient control over the strobe light. Additionally, it includes a mode selection switch, enabling you to switch between different attention-grabbing patterns effortlessly.

Please note that it is essential to be aware of and comply with any local laws pertaining to the use of external lighting on vehicles, both on and off public roads. Your safety and adherence to regulations are of utmost importance.

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