12V White Kettle - 1L GH1386

This attractive kettle features a water level window, an auto-shut off and a boil dry protector.
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Allow us to introduce a kettle that doesn't just serve a purpose; it transforms tea time into an enchanting experience filled with delightful surprises. Feast your eyes on its captivating water level window, a feature designed to keep you captivated as the water gracefully ascends to its boiling crescendo. But that's just the beginning. This kettle boasts an intelligent auto-shut off feature, ensuring that forgetfulness won't lead to kitchen calamities.

And there's more! Meet the boil dry protector, your kettle's vigilant guardian. Say goodbye to the moments when daydreaming results in evaporating water. This protector leaps into action, halting the kettle when water levels hit a risky low point.

But let's not overlook the kettle's potency. With a robust power rating of 150W, it's a veritable kitchen dynamo, poised to craft steaming cups of tea or coffee with unmatched ease.

However, heed a friendly note of caution: before embarking on your tea-making endeavors, ensure your accessories circuit is primed. Outfit it with a robust 15A fuse, a fitting comrade for this powerhouse. Once ready, plug it into your 12V power socket and watch the magic unfold.

Are you prepared to transcend ordinary tea-drinking with this kettle's whimsy, power, and safety prowess? Enter a realm where boiling water becomes an art, and every sip is a spellbinding experience. Secure yours today and embrace the marvels of an extraordinary kettle!

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