12v Solar

We stock the largest range of 12v Solar products in Bunbury, Busselton and the Southwest from Quality fixed panels to portable panels and accessories from all the major brands.

There are a huge number of different types of 12V Solar Panel Systems that

have been designed to help users harness and use solar energy from the

sun. A 12V solar panel system creates a power output of 12 volts which

is the most common used solar system setup used for caravans, marine and

RV appliances, or for field communication radios and garden fittings

like pond pumps or lights. While the output from a 12V solar panel

system may not be large enough to power an entire household, 12 Volt

Solar Systems are very effective for powering smaller electrical and

electronic devices. The best 12V Solar System setup is also flexible and

portable and very cost effective. IN 12V Solar System the solar panel

converts sunlight into DC electricity to charge the deep cycle battery.

This DC electricity is fed to the battery via a solar regulator which

ensures the battery is charged properly and not damaged. DC appliances

can be powered directly from the deep cycle battery, but AC appliances

require an inverter to convert the DC electricity into 240 Volt AC