20 Watt Portable Foldable Solar Blanket Dugite Dual USB Charger Panel with Power IQ

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Dugite 20 Watt Foldable Portable Blanket with Dual USB. Power on the go.

The iTechworld Dugite solar panel is perfect for charging phones, cameras, battery banks, sat navs, and other USB-powered devices. The Dugite can even charge an iTechworld portable jump starter (iTECH1000A, iTECH2000A, or iTECH400A). The Dugite is extremely compact and easy to use with its plug and play USB system. The Dugite is equipped with two USB ports meaning you can charge 2 devices at the same time. Using the Dugite solar panel is extremely easy. It really is as simple as opening your Dugite solar panel, facing it towards the sun, and then plugging in your USB device to start charging. Designed and developed in Perth Western Australia the Dugite is fit for purpose and stands up to the harsh Australian conditions.

Great for outdoor hiking, riding, traveling, etc. Great for camping, It is convenient, environmentally friendly and safe to maintain your battery.

This product is designed to be hung on any kind of bag/backpack or set up on the floor.


+ A-Grade Mono-crystalline Solar Cells
+ 2x USB ports
+ Shade tolerant charging
+ Suction cups for mounting
+ Blocking diodes fitted on every Solar Panel
+ Hail proof, UV, rust and shock-resistant
+ Keep your battery charged
+ Compatible with any USB device
+ Perfect for keeping your batteries fully charged
+ Weight Approx. 650g including accessories
+ Dimensions Approx. 320mm * 200mm Folded
+ Dimensions Approx. 320mm * 550mm Unfolded
+ Temperature Range:-40°C - 85°C


+ 1x 20 Watt Solar Panel
+ 4x Suction cups
+ 1x Carabiner hanging clip

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