4-Position 200A Battery Isolator Switch with AFD

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Unlock the realm of supreme versatility with our 4-way battery selector switch, meticulously engineered to cater to your every requirement. Crafted for endurance, this switch effortlessly manages substantial output while delivering flawless command over your batteries. With a swift flick, choose between battery 1, battery 2, the harmonious embrace of both, or the tranquil off mode.

Embrace effortless installation with removable windows on all four sides, accommodating your unique cabling setup. Bid adieu to alternator anxieties, for our Alternator Field Disconnect (AFD) stands sentinel, safeguarding your alternator during battery swaps. With a timing precision akin to a heartbeat, the AFD ensures the alternator disconnects slightly before the battery and reconnects right after, preserving the regulation circuitry with steadfast grace.

Features in the Spotlight:

  • Amps Flow Unleashed: High Current Rated for unyielding performance
  • Guardian of Alternators: Ensures Alternator Protection
  • Cable Entry Without Bounds: Versatile cable entry for any arrangement
  • Continuous Current: 200A, Surge Current (5min): 300A, Cranking Current (10 sec): 1000A

This battery selector switch stands as the pinnacle of power system management, a paragon of efficiency and security. Whether you tread the marine waves, embark on RV escapades, or command heavy-duty machinery, this switch guarantees unwavering reliability and serenity. Seize the reins of control and the armor of protection – immerse yourself in the dominion of our elite battery selector switch.

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