40L Rovin Portable Fridge with Handles GH2225 w Bonus Cover

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Introducing the Rovin Compact Fridge: Your Ultimate Camping Companion. With a spacious 40-liter interior, this fridge is the quintessential solution for keeping your provisions cool and pristine during your outdoor adventures. Whether it's nourishment or refreshments, the Rovin fridge ensures everything remains perfectly chilled.

Operating at temperatures as low as -20°C, this fridge is equipped to handle even the most demanding cooling needs. The package comes complete with a DC power lead, ensuring uninterrupted usage wherever you roam.

Experience the convenience of smartphone app control, allowing you to tweak the temperature setting from the comfort of your seat. Yes, even if the fridge is securely fastened in your vehicle's cargo area. Digital temperature controls, a dependable compressor, and a robust hard plastic shell combine to ensure that the fridge remains resilient, even on the roughest terrains.


  • Ample 40-liter interior capacity
  • Impressive energy efficiency
  • Smartphone app control for effortless temperature adjustments
  • Flexible 12/24VDC power options
  • Includes a 240V mains adaptor for times when mains power is accessible
  • Battery protection feature to prevent any drain on your vehicle's battery
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a comprehensive 2-year warranty

The Rovin Compact Fridge: Where versatility, innovation, and reliability converge, making your camping experiences even cooler.

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