800W (2000W) 12VDC to 240VAC Modified Sinewave Inverter

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Experience the ultimate convenience with our portable mains inverter, a must-have companion for your camping adventures or any situation where a standard mains socket is not available. This reliable inverter allows you to power small appliances such as laptops, stereos, computers, phone chargers, and other low-power mains devices. Embrace the freedom to stay connected wherever you go!

Safety is our top priority, and this inverter comes equipped with essential features like overload protection and input reverse polarity protection, ensuring worry-free usage. Connecting it to a battery is a breeze with the included lead featuring alligator clips, giving you a seamless power supply wherever you are.

Key Features:

  • Quick Charge USB Port: Charge your devices rapidly on the go.
  • Includes Battery Lead with Alligator Clips: Effortlessly connect to a battery for immediate power.
  • Modernised Design, Portable, and Easy Operation: Enjoy a sleek design and user-friendly operation.
  • Surge Power: 2000W Surge: Handle essential startup loads with ease.
  • Low Battery Alarm: 10.5±0.5V: Be alerted when your battery is running low.
  • Low Battery Shutdown: 10.0±0.5V: Automatically shut down to protect your battery from over-discharge.
  • High Battery Shutdown: 15.5±1.0V: Prevent potential damage by shutting down in case of high voltage.
  • With 800W of power at your disposal, you can confidently run various small to medium-sized devices, making it an ideal solution for all your off-grid power needs. Stay connected, charge your devices, and power your essential equipment hassle-free with this reliable and versatile mains inverter. Experience the freedom to explore without compromising on convenience and safety.

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