BR255 Bull Bar Right Angle Bracket

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Introducing the BR255 Bull Bar Right Angle Bracket, a versatile and reliable accessory designed to enhance your UHF communication experience. Whether you're engaged in off-road adventures or working in the transport industry, our Oricom Genuine UHF Accessories are engineered to deliver exceptional quality, performance, and affordability.

Customize Your Setup: Pair the BR255 Bull Bar Right Angle Bracket with a UHF antenna that best suits your vehicle and driving conditions. With this bracket, you can easily select your preferred mounting position, ensuring optimal signal reception and communication.

Secure Mounting: The BR255 bracket is specifically designed to fit bull bars with diameters ranging from 40-50mm, providing a snug and secure fit for your UHF antenna.

Built to Last: Crafted with durability in mind, this bracket is constructed from high-quality materials to withstand rugged terrains and challenging environments, ensuring reliability in every situation.

Enhance Your Communication: Whether you're navigating the wilderness or connecting with colleagues on the road, our BR255 Bull Bar Right Angle Bracket ensures your UHF antenna stays firmly in place, allowing you to communicate effectively and effortlessly.

Choose Oricom for Trustworthy Accessories: Count on Oricom for a wide range of genuine UHF accessories, meticulously designed to meet your communication needs with a focus on quality, performance, and affordability.

Upgrade your UHF communication setup with the BR255 Bull Bar Right Angle Bracket and experience reliable, clear, and efficient communication on your journeys and adventures. Equip your vehicle with the best accessories to stay connected no matter where the road takes you.

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