Bain Tech Jump Starter BT18

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Introducing the mighty BAINTECH Jump Starter BT18, the ultimate superhero for your vehicle's battery woes! This powerhouse comes with a slew of mind-blowing features that will leave you in awe:

  1. Reverse-charge Protection: No more worries about the jump starter draining power from your vehicle once it's up and running. It knows its limits and won't steal a single drop of energy back from your trusty car.
  2. Reverse Polarity Protection: Say goodbye to the days of accidentally connecting the clamps to the wrong terminals and risking a major electric shock. This jump starter is smarter than that. It won't let you fry your circuits or suffer embarrassing mishaps.
  3. Short-Circuit Protection: You know those hair-raising moments when two clamps meet and sparks fly? Well, fear no more! This jump starter has your back, protecting against dangerous short-circuits. Safety first, my friend.
  4. Over-discharge Protection: We've all been there, draining our jump starters to the point of no return. But fret not! This superhero won't let you go overboard. It puts its foot down and prevents over-discharging, ensuring a long and prosperous life for your trusty battery.
  5. Over-charge Protection: Ever left a device plugged in for too long, only to discover it's on the verge of explosion? Not with this jump starter! It's a master of balance, preventing overcharging and keeping your battery healthy and happy.
  6. Over-temperature Protection: When things get heated, this jump starter knows exactly when to hit the brakes. It has an automatic stop function that kicks in when the temperature gets too high, sparing you from any fiery mishaps.

But wait, there's more! This incredible jump starter comes with an entire arsenal of accessories, neatly packed in a sleek black carry case. Get ready to meet your new sidekicks:

  • The AC Charger: For when your jump starter needs a little extra juice from the comfort of your home. Plug it in, and let the power flow.
  • The Ciga socket charger: A trusty companion for your cigarette lighter socket, providing a quick and convenient way to recharge your jump starter on the go.
  • The 3-way device charger: Why settle for charging one device when you can charge three at once? This versatile charger lets you power up multiple gadgets simultaneously, proving that multitasking isn't just for superheroes.
  • Laptop connectors: Need to revive your laptop in a pinch? No problem! These handy connectors ensure that you're always equipped to save the day, even when your computer is on the verge of giving up.
  • Jump Starter Leads: The dynamic duo of jump-starting, these leads are your lifeline when your car's battery needs a boost. They'll have your engine roaring back to life in no time.

So, gear up with the BAINTECH Jump Starter BT18 and embrace the power, protection, and portability it brings to the table. It's time to conquer any battery-related challenges with a smile on your face and a trusty jump starter by your side!

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