Baintech Ultra Capacitor Jump Starter

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Say goodbye to battery-related worries with the revolutionary Baintech Jump Starter Ultra Capacitor! Whether you're navigating off-road terrains in your 4WD or immersed in workshop activities, this cutting-edge device presents the ultimate solution. By tapping into residual voltage from your vehicle's battery, it transfers the energy to the Capacitor Jump Starter, effortlessly enabling you to jump start your vehicle.

Using the Ultra Capacitor is simplicity itself. Just connect it to your car battery, and the integrated display screen will reveal your battery's voltage status. Once it reads 'Jump Start Ready,' rest assured that your flat battery remains above 5V and is primed for rejuvenation. In the rare instance that your car battery's voltage dips below 5V, the ultra-capacitor's compact lithium backup battery reservoir leaps into action, offering that extra boost you require.

Key Features:

  • Capacitor Jump Starter with an LED torch, a beacon of light in emergencies.
  • Multiple charging avenues: Charge via USB or Cigarette socket, ensuring unrivaled adaptability.
  • Commanding 12V 800 Amps capacity, accompanied by an additional 6000mAh backup battery reservoir.
  • Versatility knows no bounds, catering to engine sizes up to 5.0L Diesel.
  • Robust alligator clamps guarantee steadfast and dependable connections.
  • Built-in reverse polarity protection ensures secure and worry-free usage.

Embrace tranquility and seamless functionality with the Baintech Jump Starter Ultra Capacitor. Keep it within reach in your vehicle or workshop, and bid farewell to the vexations of dead batteries. With its potent capabilities and user-centric design, this device is the ultimate ally for all your jump-starting exigencies.

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