Cordless Telephone Battery CTB112 suitable for Telstra, Sinus

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Product Details
Model No CTB112-BP1
Selling Unit EACH
Description Cordless Telephone Battery CTB112 suitable for Telstra, Sinus
Application Cordless Telephone
Original Brand Telstrad
Chemistry Nickel Metal Hydride
Voltage 2.4V
Brand MI Battery Experts
Width 10.6mm
Height 20.4mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 45.4mm
Weight 23g
Brand MI Battery Experts

Termination: This battery uses connector CE-H.

Ensure this is the correct connector for your application. Follow the links for detailed connector drawings.

Suitable For:
Sinus A602 Touch
Telstra CLS12200
Telstra CLS12201
Telstra CLS12250
Telstra CLS12251
Telstra CLS12252
Telstra CLS12253
Telstra CLS12750
Telstra CLS12751
Telstra CLS12752
Telstra CLS12950
Telstra CLS12951
Telstra CLS12952
Telstra CLS13350
Telstra CLS13350P
Telstra CLS13351
Telstra CLS13351P
Telstra CLS13451
Telstra CLS13451P
Telstra CLS13500
Telstra CLS13501
Telstra CLS13550
Telstra CLS13551
Telstra CLS13552
Telstra CLS13951
Compatible With:
Telstra BT162342
Telstra BT164392
Telstra BT166342
Telstra BT183342
Telstra BT183482
Telstra BT262342
Telstra BT264392
Telstra BT266342
Telstra BT283342
Telstra VTHCH73C02

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