Cordless Telephone Battery CTB96 suitable for Telstra, Uniden, V-Tech

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Product Details
Model No CTB96-BP1
Selling Unit EACH
Description Cordless Telephone Battery CTB96 suitable for Telstra, Uniden, V-Tech
Application Cordless Telephone
Original Brand Telstra, Uniden, V-Techd
Chemistry Nickel Metal Hydride
Voltage 2.4V
Brand MI Battery Experts
Width 21mm
Height 10.5mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 45mm
Weight 27g
Brand MI Battery Experts

Termination: This battery uses connector CE-C.

Ensure this is the correct connector for your application. Follow the links for detailed connector drawings.

Suitable For:
GE 2-7902
GE 2-7909
GE 2-7911
GE 5-2734
GE 6010
Sanik 2SNAAA65HSJ1
Sanik 2SNAAA70HSJ1
Telstra 6010
Telstra 9200
Telstra 9200a
Telstra V850a
Telstra V850q
Telstra V950a
Uniden BT1011
Uniden CPH-515D
Uniden DECT 1015
Uniden DECT 1015FZ Blue
Uniden DECT 1035
Uniden DECT 1035 + 2
Uniden DECT 1515
Uniden DECT 1535
Uniden DECT 1615
Uniden DECT 1635
Uniden DECT 1705
Uniden DECT 1705 White
Uniden DECT 1715
Uniden DECT 1735
Uniden DECT 3015
Uniden DECT 3035
Uniden DECT 3105
Uniden DECT 3106
Uniden DECT 3115
Uniden DECT 3135
Uniden DECT 3136
Uniden DECT 3216
Uniden DECT 3236
Uniden ELITE 9005
Uniden ELITE 9005+1
Uniden ELITE 9035
Uniden ELITE 9035+1
Uniden ELITE 9035+2
Uniden ELITE 9105
Uniden ELITE 9135
Uniden ELITE 9135+1
Uniden ELITE 9135+2
Uniden SS E06
Uniden SS E07
Uniden SS E07W
Uniden SSE06
Uniden SSE35
Uniden SSE37
Uniden XDECT 8305
Uniden XDECT 8305WP
Uniden XDECT 8315
Uniden XDECT 8315 + 1
Uniden XDECT 8355
Uniden XDECT 8355 + 1
Uniden XDECT 8355 + 2
Uniden XDECT R055+2
Uniden XDECT6105
Uniden XDECT6135
Uniden XDECT7005
Uniden XDECT7005WP
Uniden XDECT7015
Uniden XDECT7055
Uniden XDECT8005
Uniden XDECT8005WP
Uniden XDECT8015
Uniden XDECT8015+1
Uniden XDECT8015WP
Uniden XDECT8055
Uniden XDECT8055+1
Uniden XDECT8055+2
Uniden XDECT8105
Uniden XDECT8115
Uniden XDECT8155
Uniden XDECTR005
Uniden XDECTR035BT
Uniden XDECTR035BT+1
Uniden XDECTR055
V-Tech 6010
V-Tech 6031
V-Tech 6032
V-Tech 6041
V-Tech 6042
V-Tech 6043
V-Tech 6051
V-Tech 6052
V-Tech 6053
V-Tech 8300
V-Tech 831
V-Tech BATT-6010
Compatible With:
Sanik 2SNAAA55HSJ1
Sanik 2SNAAA60HSJ1
Telstra 89-1326-00-00
Telstra BT184342
Telstra BT284342
Uniden BT-694
Uniden BT-694S
V-Tech 89-1326-00-00
V-Tech BT184342
V-Tech BT284342

General Question
Q1: Why choose MI Battery Experts Batteries?
A1: It's because MI Battery Experts Batteries have better performance (higher capacity) and reliability (longevity & safety). The superior performance improves batteries running time, which in most case it is better than original brand replacement. The superior quality results in longer battery life and better protection of the powered device. All products are passed with QA dept which help MI Battery Experts to achieve the lowest return rate in the industry.

Q2: Can I use a higher capacity battery in my digital device?
A2: Sure, higher capacity batteries will provide you a longer running time which contains no negative effect on your device.

Q1: How long does my battery warranty last?
A1: MI Battery Experts warranties is 12 months in length

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