Economy CatIII Multimeter with Data Hold QM1517

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Hobbyist multimeters provide exceptional value for money, and good features for a range of applications.

Perfect for the electronics enthusiast or student who wants an inexpensive multimeter that features a number of practical functions. The three input jacks and enclosed test leads allow you to measure AC and DC voltage, DC current, resistance and continuity. The backlit display and continuity buzzer quickly alert you to circuitry and power delivery issues, helping you make informed decisions about what to do next. The data hold feature assists with data retention and analysis, while the meter‘s durable enclosure prevents damage from knocks and falls


• Data Hold
• Over-range Indication
• Overload Protection
• Square Wave Output
• AC/DC Voltage
• DC Current
• Resistance
• Diode Test
• Continuity
• Backlight
• Security Class: CAT III 600V
• Display: 2000 count
• Security Class: Cat III 600V
• Basic DCV Accuracy: 2.00%
• Measurement Type: Average
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