Eneloop Pro BK-4HCCE/4BT AAA Rechargeable Batteries (Pack of 4)

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Product Details
Model No BK-4HCCE/4BT
Selling Unit 4PC
Description Eneloop Pro BK-4HCCE/4BT AAA Rechargeable Batteries (Pack of 4)
Application Cordless Telephone, Walkman, Discman, Digital Camera. All devices that can use alkaline batteries of the same size.
Chemistry Nickel Metal Hydride
Voltage 1.2V
Nominal Capacity 900mAh
Typical Capacity 950mAh
Brand Panasonic
Size AAA
Width 10.5mm
Height 44.5mm
Weight 13g
Weight(kg) 0.130
Brand Panasonic

With its typical capacity of 950mAh (minimum 900mAh) this rechargeable battery suits devices with a high power consumption such as digital cameras particularly well.

eneloop pro also offers you the advantages of a disposable battery and is coming pre-charged in stores. This way the batteries are ready to use right after being purchased.

Because of the low self-discharge the batteries retain 85% of their capacity even after one year of storage. Featuring 500 recharge cycles.

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