Enirgi Advance Escape Lithium Deep Cycle Battery 12.8V 80AH PICKUP ONLY

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Why Advance Escape?

Proven Quality – Advance Escape is manufactured in a fully

integrated facility, to international standards of excellence

in quality, environment and safety: ISO9001, ISO14001 and


Certified Safety – Advance Escape has been certified and tested

to the highest international safety standards at both cellular and

battery level: UL1642, UN38.

Why Lithium Ion Ferrous Phosphate (LiFePO4)

The safest of all the known lithium ion technologies globally

Smaller than any other commercial size battery type

Less than half the weight of a lead-acid battery

Wider temperature range and higher temperature

Higher cycle life than any other commercial sized battery

Ultra low self discharge makes it ideal for intermittent use

LiFePO4 is the most robust chemistry under extreme conditions

Environmentally friendly: LiFePO4 batteries have no poisonous or

harmful substances, whether in production or in use.

Best direct replacement for deep cycle duty.


Caravans, camping, 4WD


Solar/wind energy storage

UPS, back-up power

Electric vehicles, mobility


Enirgi Advance Escape 80Ah Lithium Battery

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