GPACSB421010 GP Recyko 4 bay USB Charger - Including charging dock and 4 x NiMH AA Batteries

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Product Specifications
GP Batteries
Input Voltage
Output Voltage
  1. 2.8V at 400mAh x 2 (for AA size)
  2. 2.8V at 320mAh(for AAAsize)

The charger dock's unique space-saving design holds the ReCyko battery charger vertically and is powered via USB connection, making it ideal for home and office use. When chargers are connected, the LCD display on the dock shows the charging status of each battery as well as the battery condition, reminding you when to replaced aged batteries.

It takes 2+ hours to fully charge two batteries, or 4+ hours to fully charge four batteries (AA batteries 2,100mAh) when using Speed Charger (USB) M451. Another safety detail is the auto power cut-off by using negative delta V, temperature cut-off and safety timer protection, which helps you avoid over-charging, over-voltage and short circuiting, as well as preventing damage to the battery lifespan.

68mm x 74mm x 26mm
Safety protection:
  1. Timer protection – 8 hours
  2. Negative delta V
  3. Temperature Cut-off
  4. LED Indication:
  5. Green LED ON for 0.5 second after just USB power input
  6. Charging in progress: Green LED Flashing
  7. Fully charged: Green LED
  8. Bad/Single-use Batteries inserted: Red LED Rapid flashing
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