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Lock Alarm Mini padlock with siren

While you travel, your personal items constantly in danger of thieves stolen. If you turned your equipment for a moment and time at all, you can store your valuables already be gone. The Lock Alarm Mini Castle is the ideal travel companion and protects your valuables, so that you can enjoy your trip reassured.

The Lock Alarm Mini weighs only 100 g and is smaller than your hand, so it fits in any pocket. The detachable and flexible steel cable has a length of 60 cm and can protect your objects so according to your needs. Simply pull out so much cable out how you need it and attach your equipment on a railing or a lantern.

A built-in, ear-piercing siren can scare off potential thieves immediately when an attempt is made to cut through the hard steel cable. An additional motion detector triggers an alarm if someone tries to crack the lock. The alarm is time-delayed so that you can unlock the lock, without this being triggered.

The freely selectable 3-digit combination makes wrench superfluous and thanks to the included computer adapter, you can use the lock to protect your laptops and netbooks from theft.

Highlights & Details

  • 60 cm flexible steel cable
  • Incl. Computer adapter to secure your laptop
  • 100 Decibel Siren


  • Number combination can be selected freely
  • Motion sensor
  • Coated cable for avoiding scratches


  • Lock Alarm Mini
  • Laptop Adapter
  • Batteries
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