Narva Heatshrink Assortment 9.5-16mm (12Pk) 56602 Part Number: 56602

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Product Details
  • Includes 12 segments of tubing
  • Thick walls and adhesive for high level of strain relief
  • Made with flame-retardant, self-extinguishing polyolefin
  • Keep your electrical systems protected from fire
Narva Heatshrink Assortment 9.5-16mm (12Pk) 56602

This assortment of Heatshrink Tubing includes a variety of tubing

diameters, all made using flame-retardant, self-extinguishing

polyoelefin making it suitable for most automotive applications. The

dual-wall tubing boasts thick walls and an adhesive to create a level of

strain relief that ordinary heatshrink tubing cannot attain. The

adhesive also acts to create a waterproof seal, rendering this tubing

versatile and resilient in the face of the elements.

Narva's Heatshrink tubing is made with flame-retardant,

self-extinguishing polyolefin - a resilient material that resists flames

to ensure that your electrical components are protected.

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