Narva Heavy-Duty Accessory Socket and 12/24V DC LED Volt Meter

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Introducing the Heavy-Duty Accessory Socket and 12/24V DC LED Volt Meter (Part No. 81145BL). This versatile accessory is designed for your convenience and peace of mind.

L.E.D Volt Meter: Stay informed about your battery's health with the easy-to-read LED Volt meter. It provides accurate and real-time voltage readings, allowing you to quickly reference your battery's voltage level.

Dustproof Accessory Socket Cover: The built-in dustproof cover ensures that the accessory socket stays clean and protected when not in use. Say goodbye to worries about dirt and debris affecting your socket's functionality.

Heavy-Duty Construction: Crafted with robust materials, this accessory socket and volt meter combination is built to withstand tough conditions and ensure long-lasting performance.

Amp Rating: With an impressive amp rating of 20A at 12V and 10A at 24V, this accessory socket is powerful enough to handle a variety of devices and accessories.

Volt Meter Range: The LED Volt meter covers a broad range of 6–33V DC, enabling you to monitor voltage levels effectively.

For an easy-to-use, heavy-duty accessory socket with an accurate LED Volt meter, trust Part No. 81145BL to enhance your vehicle or equipment with reliable power and voltage information. Enjoy the convenience and durability you deserve!

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