PROJECTA 25A 12V DC-DC Battery Charger IDC25

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  • Introducing our state-of-the-art Dual-Power 12V Battery Charger, the ultimate solution for charging your secondary or auxiliary deep-cycle batteries on the go. With the capability to simultaneously charge from solar panels and the vehicle's alternator, this charger ensures uninterrupted power supply wherever you are.Key Features:
    1. Dual Charging Sources: Charge your batteries efficiently using solar power and alternator power, offering flexibility and continuous charging options.
    2. Wide Voltage Range: Accepts input power from 9V to 32V DC, making it compatible with various vehicle systems.
    3. 3-Stage Charging Process: The charger implements a comprehensive 3-stage charging process to ensure safe and efficient charging for deep-cycle batteries.
    4. Battery Compatibility: Designed to suit various battery types, including Wet, Calcium, AGM, and Gel batteries, accommodating your specific needs.
    5. IP67 Rated: Built to withstand tough environments, the charger is dustproof, splash-proof, and shockproof, ensuring reliability in challenging conditions.
    • Input Voltage Range: 9V to 32V DC
    • Charging Process: 3-Stage Charging
    • Battery Compatibility: Wet, Calcium, AGM, Gel Batteries
    • Protection Rating: IP67 (Dust, Splash, Shock Proof)
    Whether you're embarking on a camping trip, off-road adventure, or any outdoor excursion, our Dual-Power 12V Battery Charger guarantees a safe and comprehensive charge for your deep-cycle batteries. Embrace the freedom of simultaneous solar and alternator charging, knowing your secondary batteries will always have the power they need to keep your journey going strong. With its rugged and durable design, this charger is ready to tackle any environment you encounter. Explore with confidence, knowing you have a reliable charging solution by your side.
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