Portable Power and Battery Boxes

Portable power options provide greater flexibility then your traditional dual battery setups.

The Thumper is a portable dual battery system designed to take place or even work alongside of an existing dual battery system. Perfect for new model vehicles, these battery packs are designed to charge from the vehicle, solar or even 240 Volt. Perfect for Jump starting. Now available with in built DC to DC charger

Thumper have now launched their newest range of LITHIUM Battery battery packs. Built with every possible feature a portable battery pack would ever need! Designed with a comprehensive digital gauge to allow the user easy monitoring of input charge, output discharge, capacity remaining and remaining run time in the battery!

Designed with the latest and highest quality LiFePO4 cells, these battery packs are the best option for a dual battery system in the modern vehicle.

Available in 5 sizes, there is a model to suit every situation.