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The Thumper Lithium 60 AH – Powertech model has been designed to include a hardwired Powertech MB3940. The 20 Amp DC charger

offers the perfect charge rate from both vehicle and solar charging, programmed especially for use with Lithium batteries.

The DC charger is wired to two dedicated external 50 Amp Andersons, labelled ‘alternator input’ for the vehicle charge and ‘unregulated solar input’ for solar use.

This unit is the perfect option for the serious off-road enthusiast or anyone looking to run their compressor fridge or other 12 volt appliances for extended times.

Offering an impressive 60 AH of power, this particular unit will allow the user to run the average 50Lt compressor type fridge for over 3 days! This is almost 60% better run time compared to its AGM counterpart!

Equipped with virtually every socket you would ever need, along with a precision digital gauge for monitoring, this unit is one of the best dual battery systems on the market today!

The unit is equipped with:

1 x Digital display screen 2 x 50Amp Anderson connector (Max. 50 Amp rating)

2 x Cigarette socket 1 x Dual USB socket (Min. 2.4 Amp rating)

1 x Engel Fridge socket 1 x Merit type socket

1 x 2.1mm Input / Output 2 x Internal automatic reset circuit breaker protection

1 x Low Voltage override switch 1 x Anderson ‘Alternator Input’

1 x Anderson ‘Unregulated Solar Input’

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