Thumper Battery Box - Base model (2 x Outlets)

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Thumper Battery Box - Base model (2 x Outlets)


Blue Apple Thumper has introduced a whole new line of Heavy Duty Battery Boxes to its expanding range of power products.

This unique battery box design is one of the base models we offer.

This particular listing is for a battery box including:

2 x Outlet sockets of your choosing - (Cigarette / Merit / USB / Engel socket)

1 x 50 Amp Anderson connector - Genuine Anderson

* Wired as both inlet or outlet

1 x 50 Amp Automatic reset Internal Circuit breaker

wired to the 50 Amp Anderson connector

1 x 30 Amp Automatic reset circuit breaker

wired to the Cigarette outlet sockets

1 x LED digital gauge (9 - 33 Volt)

Wired through the red push button switch on the box to allow to switch ON/OFF

Internal Dimensions of Battery Box

Length - 330mm

Width - 175mm

Height - 225mm

* This height only includes the base of the box and the lid will allow for more height of the battery installed

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