Thumper Outback 80AH DC-DC Click N Collect Only

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Introducing the NEW Thumper Outback DC Battery pack
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Introducing the NEW Thumper Outback DC Battery pack

This unit really does have everything you could ever ask for in a dual battery system!

The Thumper Outback 80AH DC now incorporates the use of a sophisticated DC charger for both vehicle and solar charge.

The Thumper Outback DC unit is fitted with the Projecta IDC25.

This particular DC charger is designed to allow for an optimal input charge to be harnessed from the use of both newer and older model vehicles as well as an unregulated 12volt solar panel. The Projecta IDC25 is hardwired into the Thumper unit using internal circuit breaker protection and heat sync protection, resulting in a portable battery system which is as simple as ‘plug and play’!

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